Dental veneers are one of the dental treatment methods that will allow you to have the tooth appearance you desire. Dental veneer is a periodontal procedure that involves attaching a thin ceramic film to the teeth to improve their cosmetic appearance.

Dental veneers is a solutions for people with:

• A broken tooth
• People have a gap between their teeth
• Teeth that do not improve with teeth whitening treatment
• People with very small and misshapen teeth can benefit from dental veneer treatment.

Dental Veneers Treatment Process:

➢ Control
The oral and dental health of the patient is checked by the specialist dentist.

➢ Smile Design
After the first control, the patient’s teeth are measured, and a special smile is designed for you.

➢ Application
Temporary crowns and veneers are applied after the measurements are taken, followed by permanent crowns and veneers after less than a week.

➢ Smile Time
It is time to smile sincerely after the treatment lasting 5-7 days in total.